“ At that time Jerusalem shall be called The Throne of the Lord , and all the nations shall be gathered to it … ” (Jeremiah 3: 17)

As led by the Lord, the Jesus Calls Ministry will be conducting a World Prayer Convention in May’ 2018 in Jerusalem, to pray for the peace of Israel and to declare the Prophetic word of God to all Nations for the coming days.

Come, join us in May 2018, you, your family and friends. This event will be like none other. Many Leading Speakers and Worship Leaders of Christian Ministries have consented to participate with us in prayer. We will also visit few of the Blessed and Anointed Prayer Sites around Jerusalem (Jacob’s Rock, Shiloh, Ephrata’s River, Western Wall, Garden Tomb, Gethsemane, Mt of Olives, etc.) and plead the Lord to pour out “His Spirit of Grace and Supplication” in an overflowing measure.

We would also like you to join us as we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Jesus Calls Israel Prayer Tower which is coinciding with the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel.

The Israel Prayer Tower has been serving the people of Israel and the world by hosting Prayer Intercessors from across the world who are praying and prophesying 24/7 for the peace of Israel and the World.

This Prayer Tower was dedicated to the Lord and established by the Jesus Calls Ministry in August 2013, obeying the voice of God. The Lord has since enabled me to be able to pray and prophesy for Kings, Nations and people.

Kindly mark your calendars and plan to attend the World Prayer Convention along with Dr. Paul Dhinakaran and  Sis. Evangeline to pray for the peace of the nation of Israel. Please uphold this event in your prayers!

Register soon to reserve your seat! Get the prophetical anointing to be a light unto the world!

With much love and prayers,
Your loving Brother in Christ,
Dr.Paul Dhinakaran

World Prayer Convention | Holy Land Tour 2018 | Jesus Calls

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